Thursday, 10 February 2011

Four featured vendors from this months market!

This month will see Designers Marketplace's first real bi-monthly market at The Holy Biscuit in Newcastle. Our small launch event back in December was a success despite the horrific weather conditions keeping most huddled inside! Many of our vendors making trade contacts now stocking independant galleries and shops in Newcastle. This post briefly features four vendors you can expect to see in two weeks time. Saturday 26th February, The Holy Biscuit, 11am - 4pm, £1 entry. 

Lucy Adlington from THE PARLOR BOUTIQUE:
"The Parlor Boutique is an online jewellery emporium filled with lovingly hand crafted pieces, where I aimto use only the finest quality findings and create wonderful jewellery for you to wear. I have a passion for the decadent and theatrical which is channeled into the creation of stunning, durable costume jewellery. The Parlor came to be after I became disillusioned with the high street and its mass produced designs so I set out to create an alternative for myself to wear. I am incredibly passionate about the extensive testing that goes into my jewellery, so that it will not only last the test of time but will also give the wearer a piece of history. I use many unique vintage findings I have sourced and then re-create into modern pieces with a historical twist".

Stephen Gibbs and Chris Barter from BOREAL:
Boreal collaborates with an elite international selection of artists and designers to produce limited edition bespoke wallets. Boreal is made up of Stephen Gibbs a Multi-Media Artist and Chris Barter a Graphic Designer, working in partnership with artists and designers to promote Art through apparel and a diverse exhibition programme.

The concept for Boreal has grown organically and has been an evolving process. “Whilst studying art at university I (Stephen) found myself frustrated with the lack of variety in the fashion industry for men and in particular the lack of imagination and ingenuity. Finding myself discouraged with the lack of options for output art, I was always on the lookout for something a little bit different that was unique. It was from this lack and gap in the market that the inspiration for Boreal came about”.

Helen Stevens from SURFACE//PHILIA:
Helen graduated in 2002 with a first class BA(Hons) in Textiles and Surface Design. After five years of designing and producing women's leather accessories, Surface//Philia is now concentrating on abstract prints, patterns and illustrations for surfaces within interiors and home wares. "Always having an interest in innovative surface application within print and pattern, moving into interiors will allow me to go back to experimentation with less commercial constraints". Surface//Philia has recently launched three successful ceramic collections consisting of hand applied illustration onto white bone china. Over the next few months we’ll be seeing the launch of bespoke wallpaper ranges, co-coordinating interiors products and one off textile interior hangings.

Charles Twist from CTNP Photography:
"I've been practicing photography in one form or another for over 10 years now. It's been a way for me to document the places I travel to. I find myself equally comfortable in cities as I do in the country, hence the accumulation of pictures from both. I am naturally curious, which has drawn me to examine both in some detail. I thus acquired a basic knowledge of architecture while developing a career as a scientist. Now, as a photographer, I get to bring together and enjoy all these facets.

CTNP photography sprang from the desire to commercialise my work. As well as continuing my own explorations in order to produce photographs for stock and for retail (eg prints), I now listen to the demands of the market too by writing articles and accepting commissions. Of particular note is my considerable experience of large format view cameras in order to produce carefully crafted photographs of the built and the natural environments".

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