Friday 13 April 2012

CHRISTMAS 2012 date announced!

11 - 4PM | £1 Entry

To book or for more info on this event please visit

Market dates for the rest of the year are still waiting to be confirmed with venues and will be announced as soon as we get booked up!

Saturday 26 November 2011

Guest blogger: ROBYN JANE tells us about herself and what she will be selling on 3rd dec!!

I grew up in Hartlepool and after taking a Foundation course at Cleveland College of Art and Design I moved to Carlisle. I completed a degree in Contemporary Applied Arts at Cumbria Institute of the Arts. During the course I was able to experience printed textiles, embroidered textiles, constructed textiles and ceramics. During my last year I specialised in embroidered textiles, creating images onto felt pieces. After finishing the degree in 2007 I moved to Derbyshire and also took some time out to travel. Although my travels were very inspiring, on returning, I came back to my original theme of bric-a-brac and vintage and began a new series of images. I have gradually developed a collection of my images as transfers onto ceramic jars and canvas bags. I still love felt and embroidery so incorporate some into my collection as decoration for the jars and as accessories. I am returning back to the North East to take part in Designers Marketplace, which will be my first show in the area!


Friday 25 November 2011

Award winning Art Director John Taylor to sell 'Film The Blanks' poster series at next weeks market!

Film the Blanks was started in 2008 by writer, creative and film fan John Taylor.

After spending the last ten years being all ‘New Media’ – as an award winning art director in London – John has taken a break to pursue his own creative projects closer to home. Put simply, Film the Blanks is a series of classic film posters ... abstracted.

Originally a reaction to film posters that suffer from 'giant face syndrome' as well as a comment on the way modern movies spoon-feed the audience, Film the Blanks removes the clutter to see what still works while forcing the viewer work a little too. What began as a personal online experiment soon evolved into a daily global quiz and then jumped from computer screen to silkscreen as a set of limited edition prints. In its latest incarnation the designs have become QR code enabled postcards which reveal the solutions when scanned with a mobile phone.

Online the project garnered interest and praise from a multitude of sites worldwide, from small personal blogs right up to Total Film and the internet movie-nerd Mecca: IMDb.

Offline the project featured in the French design magazine étapes, The Creative Review Annual 2009, The Guardian and in a strange twist that completes the circle ... multiple signed prints have recently been purchased by Pixar studios.

The playfully interactive nature of the project lends itself to gift purchasing and appeals as much to graphic design geeks as much as it does to fans of blockbusters, b-movies, oscar winners and Michael Winner.

Well ... okay ... maybe their aren't many fans of Michael Winner movies.

John will be at the upcoming Designer's Marketplace at Middlesbrough Town Hall - Dec 3rd - where you can purchase signed limited edition signed screen prints and the new Film the Blanks QR Cards.

or follow on Twitter: @TweetTheBlanks

Thursday 24 November 2011

Award winning designer VICKY TRAINOR selling her new range at next weeks market... Sat 3rd Dec!

Vicky Trainor is an award winning wedding stationer from Redcar, described as one of the UK's top five 'movers and shakers' in the stationary industry. Vicky has recently launched a brand new hand made collection called The Vintage Drawer. The collection of stationery and gifts feature recycled, up-cycled, re-loved, re-cherished linens, all holding a story from the past and becoming keepsakes for you to give as gifts to friends and family, or a little gift to yourself.

Lavender filled pin cushions, pretty little floral ‘love brooches’, keepsake bookmarks, sewing cases, all hand made.

Bespoke orders can also be taken for the bookmarks using a collection of your own special little words.

The Vintage Drawer has an online shop where you can walk down the aisles and browse at your leisure and see all the pretty linen items all in rows.

Most products come in their own little buttoned decorated gift box that are either base lined in fabric or come with their own little cushioned patterned pillow.

Keep watching Vicky’s Facebook page too as she will be releasing a 10% discount voucher code on her page over the next week for you to exchange on the day!!!

Vicky is also currently holding a Vintage Drawer Christmas Love Giveaway over on her blog where you could win a box of gorgeous pretties from her collection.


Wedding stationery:

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Cuban Pete! Catch him at next weeks Designers Marketplace!

C75 Designs was started by artist Peter Allen (aka Cuban Pete). Pete moved to the North East from the West Midlands, to study, and has since made it his home.

Pete's designs are heavily influenced by graffiti and street culture. Part of that culture has always been to take from the old to give something new and original, a spirit that lends itself well to customising clothing. Now customising is big business and something that C75 Designs specialises in. Whether its hats, jackets, shoes, or accessories, C75 has you covered from head to toe.

Designs range from portraits to patterns to names and slogans in graffiti. Although influenced by the streets, C75 Designs arent just on caps and trainers but also branch out into more sophisticated wear such as ladies heels, mens formal shoes, and suit jackets. Any of the designs on the C75 website ( can be recreated on, or adapted to, almost any other item. Also colours can be altered to match other items in the buyers wardrobe in order to complete an outfit or match an accessory.

Cuban Pete has done designs for a range of musicians including local hip hop act Big Rob & BLUNT!, Nottingham emcee Tempa, and is currently working with several Wu-Tang Clan affiliated artists. Also, a pair of his platform heels recently appeared in an article in the French magazine 'Public'.

Pete started out creating items for himself and puts the same care and attention to detail in the work he does for others. When creating custom items Pete works closely with the customer, creating a unique and original piece for the wearer.

You can come and see Pete at the upcoming designers Marketplace at Middlesbrough Town Hall - Dec 3rd - where you can ask any questions you may have, place orders for custom work, or see if you can grab a bargain from what is there on the day.

Visit the links to check out his work, buy from the website, or connect via Facebook and Twitter.!/CubanPetes 

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Catch 'Jewellery By' at next weeks Christmas market!

Jewellery By, based in Stokesley will be selling a range of beautiful wares at next weeks Christmas market at Middlesbrough Town Hall. Amongst some of the pieces on show will be a new addition to their collection from local designer Jessica Flinn, who's work is "made from stainless steel, vintage lace is sourced from around the world and the patterns are laser etched onto the pieces. Some of the items are available with a gold plated finish".

At next weeks market 'Jewellery By' will also be running a free prize draw for people signing up to their mailing list, offering a chance to win gift vouchers to be spent in store!