Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cuban Pete! Catch him at next weeks Designers Marketplace!

C75 Designs was started by artist Peter Allen (aka Cuban Pete). Pete moved to the North East from the West Midlands, to study, and has since made it his home.

Pete's designs are heavily influenced by graffiti and street culture. Part of that culture has always been to take from the old to give something new and original, a spirit that lends itself well to customising clothing. Now customising is big business and something that C75 Designs specialises in. Whether its hats, jackets, shoes, or accessories, C75 has you covered from head to toe.

Designs range from portraits to patterns to names and slogans in graffiti. Although influenced by the streets, C75 Designs arent just on caps and trainers but also branch out into more sophisticated wear such as ladies heels, mens formal shoes, and suit jackets. Any of the designs on the C75 website ( can be recreated on, or adapted to, almost any other item. Also colours can be altered to match other items in the buyers wardrobe in order to complete an outfit or match an accessory.

Cuban Pete has done designs for a range of musicians including local hip hop act Big Rob & BLUNT!, Nottingham emcee Tempa, and is currently working with several Wu-Tang Clan affiliated artists. Also, a pair of his platform heels recently appeared in an article in the French magazine 'Public'.

Pete started out creating items for himself and puts the same care and attention to detail in the work he does for others. When creating custom items Pete works closely with the customer, creating a unique and original piece for the wearer.

You can come and see Pete at the upcoming designers Marketplace at Middlesbrough Town Hall - Dec 3rd - where you can ask any questions you may have, place orders for custom work, or see if you can grab a bargain from what is there on the day.

Visit the links to check out his work, buy from the website, or connect via Facebook and Twitter.!/CubanPetes 

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