Friday, 25 November 2011

Award winning Art Director John Taylor to sell 'Film The Blanks' poster series at next weeks market!

Film the Blanks was started in 2008 by writer, creative and film fan John Taylor.

After spending the last ten years being all ‘New Media’ – as an award winning art director in London – John has taken a break to pursue his own creative projects closer to home. Put simply, Film the Blanks is a series of classic film posters ... abstracted.

Originally a reaction to film posters that suffer from 'giant face syndrome' as well as a comment on the way modern movies spoon-feed the audience, Film the Blanks removes the clutter to see what still works while forcing the viewer work a little too. What began as a personal online experiment soon evolved into a daily global quiz and then jumped from computer screen to silkscreen as a set of limited edition prints. In its latest incarnation the designs have become QR code enabled postcards which reveal the solutions when scanned with a mobile phone.

Online the project garnered interest and praise from a multitude of sites worldwide, from small personal blogs right up to Total Film and the internet movie-nerd Mecca: IMDb.

Offline the project featured in the French design magazine étapes, The Creative Review Annual 2009, The Guardian and in a strange twist that completes the circle ... multiple signed prints have recently been purchased by Pixar studios.

The playfully interactive nature of the project lends itself to gift purchasing and appeals as much to graphic design geeks as much as it does to fans of blockbusters, b-movies, oscar winners and Michael Winner.

Well ... okay ... maybe their aren't many fans of Michael Winner movies.

John will be at the upcoming Designer's Marketplace at Middlesbrough Town Hall - Dec 3rd - where you can purchase signed limited edition signed screen prints and the new Film the Blanks QR Cards.

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