Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Introducing Paul Sid and his uber hip tshirt brand Retreat. Retreat is a new recruit to Designers Marketplace and will be selling at our Middlesbrough Christmas market on Sunday 28th November. Paul tells us a little more about his brand and where the inspiration comes from!... 

Retreat is a fresh, innovative and ethical independent clothing brand formed in 2005. Influenced by all of creation and everyday life. Retreat is Bruce Lee and Chevy Chase starring in Animal House on your mom's old TV.

Graffiti, art, design and photography have also been a huge influence and not forgetting music. From Early Hip Hop pioneers like Kool Herc, Public Enemy, Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys, to British inspirational bands like Joy Division, New Order, The Stone Roses and other eclectic forms of music.

In the five years of the brands existance we have been luckily to have worked with some amazing artists from Vaughn Bode who has worked with brands such as Puma and Streetwear giants A Bathing Ape and US singer/songwriter/artist and all round legend Daniel Johnston who influenced the likes of Kurt Cobain.

Retreat sets itself apart by focusing on producing only the highest quality of hand printed designs. Focusing primarily on using environmentally friendly water-based and discharged inks for that ultra soft print. If you think your printed tees feel like a blob of rubber stuck on your chest, then Retreat is definitely not the brand you're wearing. By creating solid designs crossing genres and scenes, Retreat appeals to the sartorial savant looking for unique, exclusive prints in extremely limited numbers. With Retreat, individuality is everything.

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