Monday, 9 August 2010

Pit stop at World In The Square!

Designers Marketplace was offered the oppourtunity to have space at Middlesbrough's World In The Square this past weekend over a two day free boutique festival to coincide with the Tall Ship Race in Hartlepool. The mini festival was a celebration of music and dance from around the world. 

Other highlights included:
  •  World class music and dance ensembles from Russia, Taiwan, Isreal & Croatia (in association with Billingham Intl Folklore Festival).
  • Brian Finnegan (Maverick flute and tin whistle player).
  • Gris Sanderson and The Harpophonics (UK/Ghana)
  • Sheelanagig (Providing a lively blend of gypsy jazz, North African and Celtic folk music)
  • Auvo Quartet (UK/Finland. Enthralling young band, blending traditional music from their respective Scandinavian and UK homes)
  • Phil Alexander Duo (European cafe culture in the form of French waltzers and Balkan tunes)
  • Flamenco (UK/Spain. Beautiful dancing and the sound of Spain brought to you by the regions finest exponents)
  • Rhythm Train (Brazilian Carnival with a strong Samba beat)
  • HoopLa-la, Zumba and Mandala street art.
Designers Marketplace had a very fun two days and even though we had typical summer torrential rainfall the sales still came in!

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