Thursday, 4 March 2010

JAMES ADAIR. Two week artist in residence at DM Pop-Up Shop.

DM Pop-Up Shop is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by emerging artist James Adair.The artist’s current work can be described as a visual splendour, loosely derived from flora and fauna. His vibrant and bold use of colour and patterns create work that is as much playful and free as it is organised and rhythmic.
James will be artist in residence here at pop up shop from Thurs 4th March until Saturday 22nd March in our exhibition space. There you will be able to meet and see James at work creating a series of new pieces. Painting directly on to original 60s/70s floral wallpaper and a series of beautifully painted canvases are just some of the works that will be on show.
For a limited time only these new works will be on sale here at DM Pop-Up Shop with an art sale on Saturday 20th March at super affordable prices.

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